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The Best Way To Enjoy Queenstown

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Queenstown and Kaikoura

When you are in New Zealand, it’s best to visit two of the most prominent places in the country: Queenstown and Kaikoura. Millions of tourists have already completed their trip to these places, and they said it was satisfying. Here are the reasons why:

Queenstown and Kaikoura

The Locals of Queenstown

With the fact that this town welcomes 2 million tourists per year, it is not surprising that the locals are already so used to it. Over time, you will realize that one of the factors why this town never runs out of visitors, is the existence of the friendly and welcoming locals. You do not have to worry about getting lost somehow. Just approach one of the locals, ask about activities, transportation and such, listen carefully, and then you are good to go.

Kaikoura’s Wondrous Landscapes

Queenstown and Kaikoura

Unlike most backpackers, some of you might have just bought that ticket all because of the scenery. We can’t really blame you. One special spot isKaikoura’s shoreline. It can be walked from Point Kean car park to the South Bay. If you are lucky, a bunch of sea birds may flock on the cliffs, or the fur seals might appear often. Plan a route if you are intending to have a lot of stops for dining.

Dining at Queenstown

Queenstown and Kaikoura

Speaking of dining, visitors should indulge on “Queenstown’s Worst Kept Secret” – the Ferburger. This juicy burger is famous not only to the locals or the tourists, but also to the food critics who took a bite of this famous meal. Because of its prominence, halal Ferburger can now be consumed, so that nobody misses the magic of what this renowned food can give.

The Sea Creatures in Kaikoura

Queenstown and Kaikoura

Marine life is rich in Kaikoura. A bunch of sea creatures can be found in Kaikoura Canyon as well. A simple visit will allow you to see the dolphins and whales who are often there, trying to familiarize themselves with humans visiting them more often. You can book private boat, helicopter and aeroplane rides, just to watch them from above, or swim underwater!

Queenstown: The Skiing Experience

Queenstown and Kaikoura

Most parts of New Zealand can be your playground too. When you visit from June to August, the ski fields are in its best condition. Which means, your trip over the snow in Coronet Peak, Cardona or The Remarkables, will become your favorite memory when it is over! Buying gears is also easy, thanks to the cheap and many Ski shops in Queenstown.

The History of Kaikoura

Queenstown and Kaikoura

Kaikoura Museum recently opened in this town and learning is easier than before. Although speaking with the locals and gaining insight about Kaikoura through word of mouth is still the best way to absorb wisdom and knowledge about the town’s history, the museum could be a good spot for those who prefer to stay indoors.So, is it Queenstown or Kaikoura? How about both? Catch the cheapest ski and snowboarding packages in our site to save more, and experience both underwater and aerial activities New Zealand has to offer!

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